Types of Heat Transfer Vinyl

PUVent holeGlitterPearl PU

Metallic Hologram

Glossy PUFoam PUMetallic PUpattern Pearl PUMetallic normal

Glow In The Dark

Welding PUPVCSilicone metallicMetallic Embossed

Sparkle TPU 300

Stretchable PUFlockFoil patternChameleon


"There are more HTVs besides the top type, Please check on the menu or color chart."

Types and Characteristics of Heat Transfer Vinyl

Heat transfer vinyl has different characteristics and materials for each type of heat transfer and 

different temperature settings for each type of heat transfer shall be adjusted.

If you look at the picture at the top, there are a variety of features and materials, including glossy products, 

products with pearls or patterns, and films that turn into radiance or reflective light when the lights are turned off. 

As such, the characteristics and materials of each type are different and the thickness varies.

Pay attention to temperature control and familiarize yourself with the individual 

setup of the HTV to be worked on before operation. 

It is recommended to cut the vinyl enough to be tested and work after the temperature or pressure test.

Color Chart