My own DIY

Make your own T-shirt with thermal transfer vinyl.

1. After downloading or producing the illustration file of the design you want, 

you need to make the picture in a reversed shape like the reflection in the mirror.

(Depending on the shape of a simple design, HTV can be cut with scissors and worked easily.)

2.On the Star's HTV homepage, you can check the film that fits the design at a glance through the color chart.

3.Buy as many heat transfer vinyl as you need and cut the vinyl according to the design.

4. Adjust the temperature of the iron according to the characteristics of the HTV (average 160-170 degrees) 

and place the cut vinyl in the desired area. Place a thin cloth on the HTV and press it evenly with an iron.

5.If heat is delivered evenly, remove the cloth and cool it down enough.

6.Slowly remove the adhesive vinyl from the end.