Stars HTV Samples

Stars HTV's own self-produced sample

Can you see each characteristic of HTV? Depending on the desired application, 

such as vinyl that pops out when heated, thick vinyl, and vinyl with pearls, the effect of use can be even higher.

The use depends on the type of film, such as the glow reflecting clothes of the street cleaner, 

the Scotch logo of sports shoes, and the player's pitch number, so please refer to Stars HTV's item guide 

and color chart before you purchase.

It can be used differently depending on the type of HTV, such as glow reflecting clothing for street cleaners, 

scotch logos for sports shoes, and player clothing back numbers.

It is helpful to purchase if you refer to the Stars color chart and item map.

Spakle TPU 300   Pearl PU pattern

                     Sparkle TPU 300                                         Pearl PU Pattern                                     Pearl PU Reflective

                       Designed PU                                           Silicone Metallic                                        Glow In The Dark

                     Neon Foam PU                                                Foam PU                                                    Pearl PU